Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Change of plans!


As you see it's been a while from the last post.  I finally got the garden in.....and then we moved!  This is no longer an experiment in urban homesteading becasue we live in a RURAL area now....IT"S JUST HOMESTEADING!!!!  YEAH!!!!

It's a long story, but here we are.  SOOOO many things have happened just in the two months we have lived in this horrible little rent house in the country.  But the majority of it has been exciting.

The DAY we moved in two puppies showed up.  No one ever claimed them, so now they're up for adoption.  Thanks to the Davis Oklahoma Animal Volunteers (DOAV) they are spayed and have their shots. 

Anyone need any hound dogs?
 Meet Little May......
And Daisy......

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