Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DIY Fodder Pt. 3

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Ok, three important factors for growing hydroponically are water, light, and air.  In every stage of growth the fodder needs air.  In this video you see me turning the seeds so that they can have better air circulation.  This is not perfect.  In a perfect world I could have a whole green house dedicated to this and the seeds would not be so packed together.  If your fodder starts getting mold or hairy fungus, it may be lack of air circulation.  One of the main causes is putting too much seed in a drawer.  Light is important but any ambient light seems to work.  Our system has a big window and we've mounted a grow light.  This seems to work fine.  For the first three days though, the seeds need darkness.  This mimics the seed being underground.  Water is tricky.  To little water and you don't get enough growth.  Too much water and you don't get enough growth and you start growing stuff along with fermentation.  Err on the side of too little water.  Trust me, your animals and your olfactory system will thank you.  For the first few days, after soaking, while the seeds are still in the dark very little water is needed. VERY LITTLE WATER IS NEEDED.  Once a day is fine.

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