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I'm Emily. I'm a stay at home, home schooling mom of three and wife to an awesome hardworking husband. Last year was really rough for us. You can read about that crazy year at . In that year we lost everything but gained so much more. One thing we gained was a desire to be more self sufficient. We traveled to disaster zones and the experience of seeing others so helpless coupled with the fact that we ourselves had lost everything steered us in the direction of Urban Homesteading. This blog will chronicle our journey as we, city folk, try to live the farm life in urban sprawl!

The first thing we had to accomplish was a house! We found the perfect one. It is an old 1950's house in the middle of the city on a 1/4 acre corner lot. We are leasing the house with an option to buy, so until we get the house in our name there is only so much we can do to the land, and so many animals we can raise. We moved here in the fall, and though I know now there was much I could have done, I started with what I saw were the basics: being able to cook from scratch. The most logical point from there was the staff of life. I started baking bread and from there things only progressed. At this point I'm ready to plant my garden and my goal is to not have to buy any bread or vegetables from the grocery store by the fall. I also want to be stocked through the winter by canning and freezing our produce from the garden. This should prove to be interesting since I've never grown a garden.

I do, however, have experts at my beck and call. My dad has had a garden as long as I remember. Unfortunately, all I remember is pulling weeds and him making me eat my turnip greens....which I WILL not be planting. My Nana and Dadadee used to live off the land as children and I have been and intend to continue to glean from them information about gardening, preserving and being self sufficient that has been long forgotten by America.

So here we go!

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