Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Everyone gets a snow day....except farmers

We didn't lose power!!! Yeah!!!

Our saving grace was that we got ice pellets instead of sleet. I got up at sunrise like usual to take care of the -14 wind chill. It was quite a shock when I jumped out of the back door(no stairs because of the sewer issue) and did NOT sink into the white mounds there. It was solid ice!!!! I fed the Jackson the cat (Lee hasn't come back so I assume he's dead now), ran back and got the chicken feed, jumped over a snow drift to get into the chicken coop, and checked on them. Everyone was alive and well as, well as warm with their heating lamps. I ran back and got the horse feed and made the mad dash to the barn trying to jump the several knee high drifts but probably only looking very silly as I plowed through them. I fed the horses who at least had decided to come into the barn, if not a little late. They icicles hanging from their sides!!!!! I ran back through the snow hurdles and scrambled into the house and stripped my outer clothing which was soaking wet.

I only have to do that 3 more times today.

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