Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Story in the Snow

I often wonder, living out here in the wilderness (well it DOES take 15 min. to get to walmart), where all the wild life is. I know it has to be here somewhere. I see the remains on the road to walmart all the time. I've seen all the birds I can handle. Hawks, ducks, geese, blackbirds, buzzards, and vultures are everyday occurrences. I've even seen a Bald Eagle hanging around. Man is he gorgeous. I've seen squirrels and even a possum crossing the road at night. I've heard coyotes. I love that. We even startled a trio of young white tail bucks behind the creek bed the other day. But I haven't SEEN much wild life so it's easy to forget how full of animals this area is. I won't forget anymore. The snow tells all.

 I determined with my keen tracking skills that these were squirl tracks.  Simply because they ended at the tree!!!  GO ME!!!
 Those are three different tracks going across the yard from three different unidentifiable (to me) animals. Maybe deer. 
 I'm guessing these are birds.
 Here are scratch marks near the above tracks like they were looking for seeds. It also happens to be near the compost and manure pile.  So it makes perfect me.
 More birds and scratching.
 Birds scratching marks and poop.
 These were Coyote tracks on the other side of the fence.  I just KNEW those guys were around.
 Uh, oh.  Coyote tracks on OUR side of the fence!
 Coyote tracks by the GARAGE!!!
 Dog track for comparison.
  Maybe they were chasing this rabbit.  Or at least that's what I think these are.  They came out from the bramble bushes and back.
 See the cute hippity hoppity trail.....that's a very technical tracking term.

Those are not toddler hand prints.  THOSE are raccoons!!! By my bedroom window.  Pervs.

Let's call it a day. It's cold out here. I've identified every track in our yard and some out in the pasture....I nailed the horse prints.

Next morning.....
 What the....
 But these are new all pretty right by my barn.
 These are Mountain Lion tracks!!!!

That's two and a half feet.
Here's the dogs tracks for comparison
And the kitty cat.


Today Jon and I went hiking out back.  We found this in the mud.
I'm going to send these to the Extension on Monday and see what they say.  I'll keep you updated.

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