Friday, August 19, 2011

Clarks Big Adventure

I really haven't wanted to blog for a while. I just didn't know where to begin...or end. So I'll start with the big story and move on to other farm happenings. A few weeks ago, when the blogs stopped, Clark got out. That in and of itself is not uncommon. Clark gets out all the time. Actually, it's more uncommon to find him IN. He has been a pain in the.....well....back because of all the extra fence work we have to do, since he got here. But this time was different. He got out, went down the driveway, across the street, and into the neighbors yard. Apparently he was eating old pecans off the ground. The little girls who live there heard him and told their uncle. Now remember. These girls know and LOVE Clark. They feed him, pet him, and know him They TOLD their uncle it was our pig. Their uncle didn't believe them and thought it was a wild hog. Their uncle shot Clark. He shot Clark twice. Once straight through the nose and once straight through the back, above the front shoulder. He ran all they way home. The girls, very upset, jumped on their 4 wheeler at 10pm and drove across the street, up the driveway and knocked on door hysterically to tell us what happened. We ran out with flash lights to find him. He was breathing heavily with blood coming through his mouth and nose, and from the shoulder wound. There was nothing we could do for him right then. We considered just putting him down, not knowing the extent of his injuries. At the time we didn't' know about the wound to the nose and thought maybe his lungs were compromised. After a long night, we rose with the sun to check him out. He was still alive but had very raspy breathing. However he ate happily and took a mud bath. PERFECT for open wounds. We still considered putting him down because we had not discovered the nose wound. Once we did we put him on antibiotics and b-12. He survived.....and continues to be a pain the .........back. We can't keep him out of the chicken nursery (I haven't blogged about that yet, but I will soon). Needless to say a structure made for baby chickens is not faring well against a 100 lb pig. He has completely destroyed their enclosure. He is scratching himself on the cars too and eating everyone elses food. He's a pest. BUT he hasn't left the property since he got shot. Just fair warning. We are going to erect a new enclosure for Clark this weekend. IF it works....YEAH! If it doesn't......he's going to be breakfast. I'm just sayin'........

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