Saturday, August 20, 2011

Solitary Confinement

We worked from 6 am to 2 pm on this new, Clark proof, enclosure. We lead him in. Jon and I hopped on the tail gate ready for a show. All we needed were a couple of beers for real hillbilly entertainment! I tossed some scratch (his favorite morsel) on the oposite side of the fence where the chickens attatcked it with vigor. "Here we go!" I said followed by a devious and satisfying laugh. Clarck approached his new fence. Gave it an unceremonious sniff then went back and laid down. "WHAT?!"

3pm- still in and not trying to escape his solitary confinement.

Stupid pig.
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  1. You have certainly had your adventures and misadventures with Clark haven't you? I'm so glad that you have the patience to put up with his "wandering behavior." Now is he strictly a pet or is your intentions to eventually send him to "freezer camp?"

  2. Our intentions for him were to be our herd sire. If he won't behave then he will be breakfast or someone elses herd sire. As for a pet, he's a bit too big and "testosterony" (if that's a word). Little Lana though is the perfect size to be a house pet. I can't seem to convince Jon though.