Monday, October 4, 2010

Bitter Sweet

We had an awesome yet tough weekend.  It started out with all our favorite people in the world driving from far and near to go camping (or in the case of the women, eating and watching the babies at my rat  We had a great time, one and all.  Sunday, as things were wrapping up, Steve came by with his wife and daughter.  Who is Steve?  Steve is the man who responded to my craigslist posting for the puppies.  It was love at first site for all of them, and a match made in heaven.  Steve knows all about hunting coons, and owns property north of here.   He JUST lost his 15 year old redbone and had been looking for forever to adopt some pups.  When he saw Daisy and Little May on the net, he was thrilled.  So much so, that he and his family drove an hour and a half to come and meet them.  They were all that wished for the girls, and everything I thought they could never have.  Steve gladly mad a $150 donation to the DOAV which was about 10 times more than I thought anyone would be willing to make.  I didn't cry.....much.  The kids even took it well.  I think they were just too tired to care at that point though.  Here they are saying goodbye.

In other news...WE GOT THE HOUSE!!!!

So all bets are off, as we get ready to move for the 3rd time in a year....even a record for us!!!!  The following plans are on hold until spring:

Building the chicken coop
Obtaining chickens
Building portable rabbits hutches
Obtaining rabbits
Planting a garden (AGAIN!!!)

New Plans:

Get the house ready
Plant an ORCHARD!!!!!!


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