Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pickin' Pears

The pears were ripe.  We've been ignoring them for a week while we worked on the new house.  So we got up with the sun today.

It was a nice cool morning.  We made it to the pears before the wasps did, so the kids helped with out complaining.
 A roosters crowed from the farm up the street.
 Birds squabbled over some morsel in the trees near us.
 Somewhere a woodpecker was making a home or searching for bugs
 New calves bawled from across the pasture.
 Mama cows bellowed back.
 The kids laughter filled the little valley where our ramshackle house leans.
 This was a new adventure for them.  And they loved it.
 We haven't found a church here yet.
 But this is as close to God as I've felt in a long time.
 I'm going to be pretty busy with canning these soon.
 And this is what the tree looks like AFTER we picked. 
It was time to let the wasps have their turn.

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