Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Eaten by Mountain Lions?


We are definitely alive!!!!

The tracks have been verified by two forest rangers, and two game wardens as most definitely Mountain Lion!!!!  How intriguing...and terrifying.

It has been a crazy month.  I simply can not get on the computer to post anything.  We only have one and Jon is on it most of the time for work.  THEN I babysat in OKC for my friend for 3 days followed by a weekend of conference stuff.  THEN my mom had open heart surgery.  BUT, the farm has not been at a stand still.  There is some major progress into the world of self sustaining.

I've got seeds started for the garden.  I'm collecting chicken eggs to put in a borrowed incubator.  I have 50+ chicks heading my way on Monday.  I've started a Farm Partner program and will have a breeding trio of Guinea Hogs THIS weekend!!!  My sister gave us a truck.  There is much to be done though.

Garden tilled
Pig shelter to erect
brooder to build
chicken tractor to build
yard to be dusted with DE
plants to buy
more seeds to start

How fun is this!!!!!

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