Wednesday, May 18, 2011



The BIG dark eggs are more Marans eggs.  The tiny white speckled eggs are Guinea eggs!!!

I'm so excited!  I really, really wanted guineas.  I don't really like the look or sound of guineas, but they are very useful to have.  They eat TICKS!!!  Lots and lots of TICKS.  That's a good thing because we have lots and lots of ticks.  The problem with getting guineas is that they are expensive.  Even their hatching eggs are expensive.  I called a friend from down the road that I knew had guineas and hatched guineas.  I asked her if she would be selling guineas this year and she wasn't sure.  A few days later she called me and asked me if I had an incubator.  I did not have one, but I thought might be able to borrow one.  She told me a mutual friend of ours had guineas and that they had made a nest and were sitting on the eggs but not in a good place.  She wanted someone to try and hatch them.  I DID get to borrow the incubator again and it is FULL of guinea eggs.  Half of them are slated to hatch in the next two weeks or so...maybe.  The mother guinea had sat on them for a while and we are not sure how long.  It could be two weeks.  It could be 28 days.  The other half had not been sat on at all so they are slated for 28 days.  I candled them at 9 days yesterday.  The first batch seems very viable but the second batch didn't seem to take well.  Either way....we will be crawling in tick eating guineas before July.  The only thing I paid for these guys will be my time and labor.  I'll have to give the owner a few of them if and when they hatch. 

Yeah for Guineas!!  If you don't know what a guinea is or what they sound like........

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