Friday, May 27, 2011

Of Meat, Salad and Accidents

Well yesterday started out great.  I headed out early and bought our steer to go in the freezer.  I learned a lot about meat.  I think.  Then I headed back home to finish cleaning out the brooder for our surprise guineas.  Of course then I played Dr. and made the prosthetic for Wibbles, who by the way is walking fine now with out it!  Then there was house work and an amazing breakthrough.  I had a salad made fresh from our garden!

The lettuce, onion, and eggs are all from the sweat of my brow.  It felt great to eat it.  To bad I really don't like lettuce.  I find it's the best way to eat salad dressing though.
Then it was off to Paul's Valley for a park day with other homeschoolers.  I was only there for about 5 minutes when I got a phone call.  It was a stranger who had tracked me down to tell me one of my dogs was hit by a car.  I rushed home (about a 30 minutes drive) to find the good Samaritan who called me, one of the neighbor kids, and Wesson on the side of the road.  Blood was streaming from his mouth but he was sitting up.  I went up to the house to get a blanket to move him in and Smith was wining at the front door.  When I approached he ran at me hysterically as if he needed to tell me something.  I calmed him  down and chained him up.  I didn't want two dogs hurt.  Me and Tracy (the good Samaritan and my next door neighbor) moved Wesson into the van and I drove to town and the Vet.  The Doc didn't seem to think he had any internal injuries, but the xrays revealed a fractured pelvis and the ball of the femur was broken.  The pelvis will heal....the femur won't.  They are going to do surgery and remove that part of the bone and the muscles should form a false joint.  Not sure how that works.  Anyway, Wes should have 80% use of the leg after that.  This will be expensive, but he's worth it. 
At this point in my day it was time for Charis to be at Ballet rehearsal.  Her recital is this weekend.  I had about 30 minutes to kill so I took the kids to the park.  Not a few minutes there and Charis announced that Eythan had made her laugh so hard she peed her pants.  WHAT!  There was no way I was taking that girl to Ballet with wet pants.  So I went to dollar general and bought a "cheap" pair of $13 pants for her.  Then we had to sit through her rehearsal in the auditorium.  Caedon of course was in rare form.  It was not a fun event for me.  Finally we headed back home and got there just in time to help Jon start putting in the new pig enclosure.  We are expanding....again.  I just wanted to crash after that but we had two chicks stuck in their shells.  You know you are not supposed to help them but I could tell something was wrong.  They were different than the others.  I finally got one out and it was like a clown car act.  This chick is twice as big as all the others!  Crazy.  The other one was coming out the wrong end but all he needed was a nudge.  I still have one Keet trying to make it out.  We'll see if he needs help tomorrow. 

What a day.  Time for bed.

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