Thursday, May 26, 2011

Paging Dr. Havens

The Guineas are here!!

So far we have 13 and still counting.  We already love them.  How could you not love little puff balls.  But what do you do when something isn't quite right with newborns?  Ask the Internet of course!
Here's the problem.
This is Wibbles.  He wobbles.  He can't stand up and is incredibly annoying spinning his feet across the newspaper that lines their little brooder in our bath room ALL night long.  I had recalled an article I read in passing about making chicken prosthetics a while back so I looked up how to fix splayed chicken legs (even though this is a guinea).

Here's the process.  Take a pipe cleaner (thank you Susan for all the craft supplies!  You saved a guineas life!!!).

Cut it in half (although I found a fourth to be better suited for the small guineas).

Now shape it into a staple shape.  Bend one side of the staple around one of the guineas legs, and other side around the other leg.  Viola!!

The chicken stands!  It could take as little as 24 hours for his muscles to adjust and he won't need the prosthetic anymore.

Here are some more cuties.  (Wibbles is the bluish one on the bottom right)

Aaaahhh...the things we do for baby animals.

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