Wednesday, July 13, 2011


It's a running joke around here....well not really a joke....that if we want or need something then "PLOP", It falls from the sky.  God is nifty that way.

We wanted a nicer house...PLOP

Wanted a fort. "PLOP". Nature had made one already.

Wanted Horses. "PLOP". "PLOP".

Wanted a rolling desk. Jon was on his way to Wal-Mart to by one. "PLOP" The exact one was on the side of the road.

Wanted Livestock Guardian Dogs. "PLOP"

Well the next thing on my list was a milk cow. I really want a milk cow. Remember the 3 cows in our front yard on Sunday?  Well they got close enough that we could see their brands.  They were our landlords so we put them back in.  The next day I was out weeding in the garden.  All of the sudden I hear: clop, clop, clop, clop.  I look up to see another cow out.  I was kind of confused at first because the area of the fence she would have escaped from was right next to me and I for sure would have heard her jump it.  Oh well, I thought.  I'll just put her back in.  On the way to the gate I got a good look at her.  She didn't look like any of Mr. Lancaster's other cows.  She had a distinctly "dairy" look about her.  I've been studying up on cows, but what do I know?  The next day our landlord came by and we got to talking.  I asked if he found where the cows were getting through and he said yes but he was still missing two.  He also said he had a stray in there!  I said which one, the one that looks like a Jersy?  He said yes, but that it was a Brown Swiss.  Then he said "I guess you have your milking cow." 


And yes we are trying to figure out who she belongs to.  Either God delivered her to me fully trained and socialized or someone has put a lot of time into her.  She doesn't mind being approached or pet.  She's very sweet and we will love her forever if she stays.  Maybe I should name her "Ploppy".

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