Monday, December 13, 2010

New Arrivals 2

Right before the horses arrived and fulfilled my life long dream, we had 25 new arrivals.  Thus fulfilling an about 2 year old dream.  CHICKENS!!! 

Say Hello to the Girls:

(yes I feed them in a bunt pan)
 They follow me around like.....well...dogs.

(can you spot the dog?)
They LOVE me.

I built them a chicken palace.

With wonderful custom built nest boxes so they can lay me yummy beautiful eggs.

Except that I've only gotten two eggs in two weeks and all they have left me in those perfect nest boxes are nice steaming piles of poop.  LOTS of poop.  NOT good for all.
But that's ok.  Chickens have other uses.  Considering other uses, we are not naming them.  We let the kids pick ONE that is "safe".  This is Rapunzel.

She's different.  When we picked up the girls, Punzie was hanging around so we took her too.  The other chickens don't like her and chase her off.  But that's ok.  We like her.
 I named this one.  I call her Pecker Head.

She's always pecking me.
 This one is Headless. 
 Just kidding.  It's just sleeping.....for now......(insert evil laugh)

This is my crazy husband out in sub freezing weather.....

He's insane.  But whats even stranger is how Tramp loves Caedon.  You see how intent he is on him?

 Stay tuned for more new arrivals!

P.S.  We only have 23 chickens.  We lost two to who knows what in the first week.  They just died in their sleep.  The others seem perfectly fine though....except the headless one.  :)

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