Saturday, December 18, 2010

RIP Repunzel

It started snowing yesterday,  early afternoon.  I went out to make sure everyone was smart enough to get out of the snow.  Horses were in.  Cats were in.  Chickens were in.  I counted and came up one short though.  Of course it was Punzie.  But she's smart.  I figured she had found a nice cozy space under the house or in the barn and would show up in the morning when I fed them. 

This morning she didn't show.  I went about my chores still thinking she would wobble up and start scratching.  As I was finishing up with the horses, something odd caught my eye out by the far fence.  I dismissed it as just snow.  Something tugged at me to look again.  Though it was cold and early I decided to check it out.  With each step the picture became clearer.  Half way there and I knew what I would find.  When I arrived at the scene I found Rapunzel.  She did not die of the blight which had struck the other chickens.  She was strong, healthy, and adventurous, the later of which cost her her life.  I've now lost my first animal to a predator attack.  It's not a good feeling.  Helplessness.  It's a shame it had to be Punzie.  Pecker Head would have been better.

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