Wednesday, December 15, 2010

New Arrivals 3

I never, in my entire life, in a million years believed I would have these arrivals.  I believed I would have horses.  I believed I would have chickens.  I even believe I'll have milk cow.  But I never believed I would have........


 They grey coated lads are named after Confederate Generals.  The one looking at the camera is Jackson, and the one with the white is Lee.
 It was very hard to get cute pictures of them.  But they are cute.  Especially when they chase leaves.
 So you'll have to live with these.  Lee is a big baby boy and the kids carry him around like a doll.  Jackson doesn't care to be touched. 

Why is it such a stretch for us to have cats?  Well Jon and Eythan are both highly allergic.  I just never thought I would have cats.  Two things prompted me to search them out though. 

First...the overpopulation of feral and unwanted cats.  I wanted to do my part for ugly cats.  These guys came from a home of 19 cats.  They were the boys.  Hopefully the lady will get the gals fixed and she will not have anymore to give away soon. 

Second...mice.  It wasn't long in the new house before we knew we needed cats.  It has actually worked out well for everyone involved.  When I called the lady giving the boys away, she asked if I would take toms.  I said sure and she said "Good, because I was just about to get rid of them."  Not sure exactly what that meant, but one can only guess.  So these guys are spared a certain end and given an outside, no touching by allergic humans, home.

You see the wonderful safe, warm cat house we built them that they are eating on?  They've never been inside it.  They figured out how to get under the house.  And since I've not seen any teeny, tiny, black pellet like presents in my linens or pots and pans since they moved  We decided under is fine.

On another note...I'm up to 4 eggs now.  But I've also lost two more chickens to the mysterious chicken plague of 2010.  We have them on antibiotics now.  Which is ironic since one of the reasons we are raising chickens is for hormone, ANTIBIOTIC FREE, eggs and meat.  But they are of no use dead and I really don't want to see them suffer.

There is also going to be a new arrival this weekend.  I'm not telling you what it is so don't ask.  But feel free to leave a comment with your guess.   I will just say that it is something I really wanted and was going to have to wait.  But as it is with most things we WANT recently, it just fell out of the sky....for strings attached.....along with all the help and advice I could want concerning it. 

Happy guessing!!

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