Friday, January 28, 2011

Barry Update

I've been checking on Barry on and off since yesterday.  I went in to reboot the laundry and looked out the back door.  I could see a pile of feathers right inside the chicken coop door.  My heart fell.   As I rushed to get my boots on I was still hopeful.  I had seen him eating yesterday and this morning.  Eating is a good sign.  I went around the house (still can't get out of the back door because of the sewer mess) and looked in the coop.  Barry and Not Barry were both laying there....sunning themselves.  It was still obvious that Barry is not well but he was still breathing but he wouldn't open his eyes.  I scooped him up.  He is so thin.  I got one of the kids to bring me a wet rag and I cleaned the goop off.  When I put him down he growled at me and strutted around at the indignity of being handled.  He also ate a little.  Keep praying.  We're not out of the woods yet, but at least he still has some fire in him.

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