Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Chicken Virgin

We did it.  We finally gave it up.  It just never seemed to be the right time or the opportunity just didn't present itself.  But things changed with our new arrivals and the issue could not be ignored.  So we got it all set up so it would be perfect.  We wanted to minimize the pain as much as possible and we knew it would be awkward the first time.  We said a little prayer and thanked God for this gift.  Then we began.  The first time was hard.  We just didn't get it quite right.  But finally the little guy relaxed and then it was over.  There wasn't as much blood as I thought there would be. The second time was much easier and much quicker as well.  Of course the next steps were just messy and were not as easy as they make it look on the videos.  Especially getting all that stuff out.  We'll be doing it a a lot more come spring, so it's bound to get easier.  Jon thinks if he had better tools it would make a HUGE difference in the process.  I agree.

But now we are no longer chicken virgins.  We've processed our first two roosters.  You live and you learn.  But could someone please tell me where the heck the crop is?   I can't find the stinkin' crop!


  1. That is sick! Ok maybe good eating but still sick!

  2. Not sure how I feel about it...why was it the perfect time? You didn't kill Barry did you?

  3. No, Barry is alive and is Not Barry. The two we processed came with the new hens.