Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chicken Drama

Please Pray for Barry.  He is really sick.  I'm afraid we might lose him.  We already lost one chicken this week to a hawk.  The other girls were so afraid they hid in the barn for hours cowering.  Barry and Not Barry were in the coop....NOT doing their jobs.  Now I feel bad I yelled at Barry for letting the hawk get one of the girls.  Poor thing was under the weather.  Just pray.  Don't think there is anything else we can do for him we haven't already done.

The reason is I think he has Fowl Pox.  Not chicken pox.  People get chicken pox and chickens get fowl pox.  Wouldn't it be funny if chicken's got people pox?  Anyway, not ever having chickens before I thought the little black spots on the previous chickens combs were normal.  Then I got the Barry and Not Barry and they didn't have black spots.  Now they have black spots and all the other symptoms of fowl pox.  Hopefully they are strong enough to survive.  It is a viral infection so the antibiotics I was giving them are useless.  I will have to vaccinate any new chicks or chickens I get for the next year as the virus can live in the soil for several months.

We're also missing a cat.  I don't think there is such a thing as cat pox.  Lee just disappeared.  He was everyone's favorite too. Not a good day on the homestead for favorites. 

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