Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What a week!

So things did not slow down after the accident last week.  Friday came and so did dress rehearsal and being a room mom for that event.  Jon is also on double overtime for all of the tornadoes that came through last week so trying to juggle parenting is not easy.  Then Saturday Jon "took off" and we literally spent the entire day slaughtering chickens.  I might post about that later when I have time to process it a little more.  Then Saturday evening was Charis' recital.  Sunday I spent all morning quartering chickens then took Charis to her last Ballet recital.  THAT was anther issue because Jon was working in OKC and they wouldn't let me bring Caedon into the backstage area because he was a boy.  I couldn't help my little girl get ready for her recital.  I was bummed.  We got home and I finished quartering chickens.  Then I got a call from Jon.  "Come down to the driveway and go make a copy for me."  WHAT?  I look out the window and see emergency lights from several vehicles.  I hopped on the 4-wheeler and sped down there thinking someones dead.  Jon had had a fender bender with an older gentleman as he was turning into our driveway.  Everyone was fine, but apparently all the emergency workers in the neighboring cities had nothing to do.  There were 2 county sheriffs, a highway patrolman, and 3 fire vehicles from 3 cities!  There were also several citizens who stopped.  They hadn't seen the accident, but I guess they had nothing to do either.  It was a regular party.  It was well past dark when I towed Jon's work vehicle up the driveway BACKWARDS!  THEN we're on to Monday.  I drove to Dallas for my nephews first birthday, leaving Jon to work his butt off.  I didn't get home until after 10pm.  Of course Tuesday came around and they still hadn't done Wesson's surgery and said they wouldn't do it until Wednesday.  I took Charis early to her girl scout camp and got home in time for Jon to tell me I had to drive him to Ada to pick up a rental car.  Drove to Ada and back just in time to pick Charis up from camp which was just in time to head off to OKC for a girl scout reward outing for earning her bronze award.  We didn't get home until after 10pm.  Up again this morning to take her back to camp.  I'm home now and I had a few minutes to blog.  Sorry if I made you tired.  We are waiting on word from the Vet.  Pray for Wesson and us.  We visited him yesterday and his recovery will not be fun.  Doc said he won't be able to stand for a month, so we will be cleaning up after him.  Yuck.

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