Friday, June 3, 2011

Dear Diary

Diary of a Factory Chicken....

April 15

Dear diary,

Today I was born.  After some rough handling I found myself with others like myself in a vast, dusty, dim area.  We found food, water, and each others company.  It's warm and I feel safe.  I think I"m gonna like it here.

April 29

Dear Diary,

It's so dark.  There are some streaks of light across the floor for part of the day.  I wonder what makes them.  It would be nice to find out someday.  Speaking of the floor though.  It's pretty bad.  It's good we're all together,  but it makes a mess.  I don't really like standing in it.  We still have food and water though.  It could be worse.

May 13

Dear Diary,

I hurt.  My legs hurt and it's hard to breath.  Everyone else feels the same.  It must have gotten to some of them because everyday there are less of us.  The farmers come and give us food and take away the dead, usually.  I guess it's good some of us don't make it.  There is less and less room for us.  The food and water are steady though.  I'd really like to see the light.

May 20

Dear Diary,

I can no longer walk.  I just lie here in the stream of light thinking about what might be out there.  I scoot myself to food and water when needed.  The pain is immeasurable.  I don't feel well at all.  I"m tired of darkness and the closeness of the other birds that used to be a comfort.  I don't think I can go on.

May 27,

Dear Diary,

Today I saw the light.  For a moment as I was tossed from the dusty, dank, feces coated hole I'd only know into a truck I saw a green and blue world. I thought I would FINALLY get to see where the light comes from.  It was only a fleeting glimpse as my brothers and I were squeezed into tiny boxes and were again in complete darkness.  It is very hot.  There is no food or water.  I can't breath.

May 29

Today was a good day.  After days without food or water, in the dark, and dieing of heat they took us into another building.  I felt myself going as pain rushed into my body over and over and over.  I feel nothing now.  Today was a good day.

Diary of a Homestead Chicken

April 15

I was born today.  I saw other chicks like me and faces.  The faces were those of the farmer and her family.  I'd been hearing their voices for a while.

April 17

Today the farmer gave me sweet water.  YUM! and food.  She put me in a warm box with my brothers.  I like it here.

April 22

I hate that farmer.  She took my food away at night and I like to eat.  But I'm still here in this warm box with my brothers.  She does bring the food back in the morning.  And I like the smell of fresh wood chips.  And I still have water (although it's not sweet anymore)  I guess it's not all bad.

May 5

Today was kind of scary.  Farmer took us out of our comfy box.  She put us outside where there was light!  We stood on this green stuff called grass.  GRASS!  Grass is soooo good.  It was scary but our box was getting a little cramped.

May 12

Bugs are GOOD!  It is so fun running around chasing them.

May 19
Farmer gave us scratch!  I LOVE scratch, and grass and seeds and bugs.  I love sunlight and trying to fly.  I will fly one day.

May 28

Today was a bad day.  When the farmer came to us in the morning she didn't leave FOOD!  Instead she picked me up.  I didn't mind that.  She did that often.  She said, "Thank You."  I'm not sure what that was about.  But then she did the oddest thing.  She flipped me upside down!  It startled me, but was a little relaxing.  Then there was an awful pain in my neck for a moment.  I was sleepy then and went to sleep.

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