Saturday, June 25, 2011


Remember Squaccini?

Well after we cooked him up he actually tasted more like Squacumber.  It had a distinctly cucumber tang but looked like the above picture.  Not my favorite taste but perfectly edible.

When I got home from Dallas there was a surprise on the same plant.  This monstrosity.'s orange.  I figured it was edible too so I sliced it up for a stir fry of sorts.  It was very hard to slice.  My first thought was I had picked it too early but I left it on the vine for days and it never got bigger.  That wasn't the answer.  So I cooked him up and tasted it.  I had to spit it out!  It was tough an just plain weird tasting.  So my weird plant just got weirder.  I dub this vegetable a Squmpkin.  A mix between a squash and pumpkin (I do have pumpkin growing near too.). Of course it could be a Zuccmkin or a pumpkinni.  Or even possibly a pumpkuash.  Who cares.  You can't eat it.  I wish I had saved some seeds though.  It's kind of exciting to see what weird thing will grow next!

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