Thursday, June 30, 2011

Party Prep

I've been gearing up for our big party this weekend. was going to be big.  Everyone we asked said they would love for us to have a big blow out on the 4th.  But in reality it is going to be a small affair with just a few family and friends.  Still, I'm trying to spruce things up around here.  It's not an easy task alone. The kids are out of town, Jon is working overtime, and Caedon....well Caedon.  This week I've managed to bath the dogs, power wash the outside of the house, scrub toilets, and pick up every piece of debris from the yard.  The dogs have inevitable rolled in the mud.  The inside dogs decided to shake it all off in the bathroom. The chickens have now soiled the back steps again and after washing the the dogs there is mud splash all over my washed house.  To add insult to injury not only did the dogs pull a sack of trash from the yard out of the burn pile, but they found a sack of old cloths and tarps left from the previous owners in the barn.  That is now all over the yard as well.  I think I'm actually making negative progress. 

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