Monday, March 28, 2011

Apocalypse Now

I went couponing again!  We are prepared for the Apocalypse!!!  Or flu....or migraine.  Well...anything that might deter me from making breakfast.

Make your guess on how much this cost.....come on....I know you want to......

$16.96!!!!!!!  Go me....go's my birthday....not anyway!!!! 

It would have been about $5 less too, if I had paid more attention to sales.  Oh well....I'm learning (thanks to!).  Shoot the milk and Miracle whip by them selves would have been more than that.

So while the above picture is something I would not enjoy feeding my children on a regular basis, last week when I had the flu showed me that I need reserves that don't require much prep.  I think this fits the bill. Cereal is better than donuts any day.   My goal is to use couponing to get those reserves so my shopping trips are not going to look like anything like a normal weeks worth of groceries.  I think this trip was successful!

So bring on the Apocalypse!!!  WE HAVE CEREAL!!!

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