Thursday, March 31, 2011

I felt so Farmie

We came home on Tuesday and Nosy Rosy was sitting on her nest by the front door.  This isn't so unusual, except that she was sitting there when we left 5 hours earlier.  My first thought was "SHE'S GOING TO DIE!!!!!   ALL MY CHICKENS DIE!!!!"

Then I realized she was



Broody is when a hen wants to sit on eggs and hatch them.  It's a problem because they won't lay eggs while they are broody.  It's NOT a problem because they will hatch eggs....wonderful....lovely...eggs!!! 

But she only has one.  We didn't know she was going to go broody so we've been eating her scrumptious pseudo progeny all week.  Now I'm scrambling to find some hatching eggs to stick under her. 

In the mean time, we couldn't leave her on her nest next to the front door.  She has no protection from the rain, and no protection from predators....other than Smith and Wesson......

she has no protection from predators.


under the cover of dark, we pimped her nest box in the chicken house, put one of Ugly's eggs in there and gently lifted Nosy.  She isn't make a sound.  chickens basically freeze at night.  We put her egg in the nest box too and then put her in.  It made me feel so farmie!

Hopefully she decides to stay there and be safe, or give up on the eggs and keep making us breakfast.  We'll hope for one of the two.

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