Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mrs. Havens? I have a package for you.......

I didn't sleep well Sunday night.  My dreams were of chicks.  Soft fluffy chicks.  Cute little chicks that for some reason I could not keep contained or alive.  I dreamed this all night long.  So when the phone rang at 5am and the lady on the other end said "Mrs. Havens?  I have a package for you.  It seems to be chicks."  I wasn't sure if I was still dreaming.  Well I wasn't!  I drove up to the post office and picked up these little guys.

And this is what the drive home sounded like.

There were a ton of instructions to follow but I won't bore you with those.  The end product was this.

This is our expandable brooder made of old closet doors. 
And this is what our garage sounds like.....and will sound like for the next 4 weeks

I tried to get individual pictures from each breed.  Did you know it is increadably difficult to photograph chicks?  I"m just not good enough.  They turn into white blurs.  I did manage this one though.

There are two types of yellow chicks here.  One is a Cornish X.  They will grow fast and go to freezer camp in 6-8 weeks.  The  other yellow ones are White Legherns.  They will lay white eggs in 4 months or so.  Who wants eggs?

And then there are these.

These are my Dominiques!!!  Can't wait to see how they turn out.  See the brown one at the top of the picture but not in the bowl?  That was our free exotic chick.  It's Eythan's.  From what we can tell, it's a Dark Brahma.  Don't know anything about it, but it's "safe".  The kids are allowed to name it.  There is also a little peach chick in there.  It's a Buff Rock.  Charis choose it and it's also "safe".

Now if they will all stay contained and alive I'll know that I'm not dreaming anymore!

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