Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pixie and Sprite

I have two favorite chicks.  I shouldn't have two favorite chicks.  Especially since there is something wrong with both of them.  We've lost 6 chicks so far, most of them in the first 48 hours.  We lost 2 dominiques, 2 Cornish, one Leghorn and our exotic chick.  Two of them that were not thriving though stayed alive.  I'm thinking now there was probably a reason they were puny and I might should have let them go.  But their special.   This is Pixie.
I call her Pixie because she looks like she has fairy wings.  She is also very small.  Here she is compared to another Leghorn.

Her little friend is a Dominique.  Sprite has the same wing and size problem.

But I love them.  I nursed them to pseudo health and they will probably be keepers even if they aren't productive.

 Don't you judge me!!!

*update*  Shortly after creating this post, Sprite died.  Pixie seems to be doing fine though, just about 1/3 the size of all the others and is everyone's favorite.

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