Friday, March 18, 2011

No Freakin' Way!!!! I'm totally into eating non processed foods and being healthy and junk. ........And grammar.  But I'm also for sticking it to the man.....and English teachers.  In these economic times free food, is free food and if there is a shortage, food is food. Recently I've been wanting to stock my larder, but not having the economic fortitude it was merely a dream. friend Kelly told me about coupons.  I know, I know.  Who has the TIME or ENERGY to look through adds, clip, save, and keep updated stupid coupons.  Well somebody does.  And that somebody put it on her website, gives you the shopping list and a place to print out the coupons.  I tried it....and it works!!!

Can you guess how much I paid for this?  It's 4 boxes of spaghetti (two are whole wheat), 4 boxes of other pasta, 1 6pack of jello pudding, 1 6 pack of jello gelatin, 4 packs of jello temptations, 2 boxes of lean pockets, 2 packages of lunch meat, 4 banquet microwaveable fruit pies and a gallon of milk.  Go on...guess!!!  What did you get?  $40?  $25 on your lowest guess?  NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!



Most of it is going into the deep freeze or in the back of the pantry.  The kids are going to get things I NEVER buy them and they will be happy.  I'm getting my freezer and pantry full for next to nothing so I'm happy.  Free is free is free.

If you would like to give this a go and you live in Oklahoma, you can check it out at  If you live elsewhere, I'm sure there is a website for your area.  This website gives you great info, but a lot of the deals are store specific and you may not have those stores where you live.

So while I'm generally opposed to processed food, I'm more into taking care of my family the best way I can.  We are planning for the future and stocking up is on the list.


  1. This is awesome! Saw your post of Coupon Closet and LOVE her site! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Emily I have been following coupon closet too, but how did you get multiple things of the same item? I thought Homeland would only do 1 like item for each person once a day? Just curious :)