Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sick Chick

We counted chicks today.  We have exactly 60.  The hatchery gave me an extra Dominique, and extra Cornish X and an extra White Leghorn.  Everyone is doing fine and it amazing to see how the Cornish X are growing.  I swear I can actually SEE them growing.  There is one little Dominique that is not so well.  He's in the CCU (Chicken Care Unit).

He gets a hot water bag, and warmed up rice sock as well as a heat lamp.  We make sure he gets water every couple of hours and try to feed him, which he isnt' taking.  I called the hatchery and they gave me some instructions.  They said feed him honey with an eye dropper.

Here Chicky Chicky!!!

I'll keep you updated.  I'm afraid he hasn't formed right.  He has yet to open his eyes and he was literally stuck to the floor this morning with leakage from his "umbilical cord".  Poor chicky.

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