Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chick Updates

This is a Leghorn at 3 weeks:
This is a Dominique at 3 weeks:

THIS is a Cornish X at 3 Weeks:

They would make good Cornish game hens for the bbq right now.  As a matter of fact....if you buy the small game hens at the store, these guys are exactly what you are buying....3 week old Cornish Cross.

In other news.  The Chick with the broken foot died.  Nosy Rosy is still broody, but she won't brood inside the hen house.  She won't be safe brooding outside so we are trying to break her....with little avail.  I thought about sticking some of the new chicks under her, but since she won't brood inside, we would probably just loose any I put out there.  I miss my Marans eggs.  In 4 months though I should be getting LOTS with all our new chicks.

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