Monday, April 4, 2011

A Good Day

Saturday was a good day.  Not just "good" in the sense that notheing bad happened, but "good" in a primal sense.  It was good to be surrounded by family.  It was good to laugh and share.  It was good to get outside and get my hands in the dirt and good to make my muscles work for their food.  It was good to get a little sun and good to have to give the kids a bath BEFORE they came inside. It was good to help my neices feed the pigs bananas and good to see them and my children delight over chicks hatching out in the incubator.  It was good to eat my husbands homemade spaghetti and costco cookies.  It was good to feel so tired both physically and mentally.  It was good to see my husband and my son working in the garden.
And it was good to have my dad help and good that he is still around and healthy enough to do so. 

It was good to have my mom there too, healthy enough to come.

Yep. Saturday was good.

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