Saturday, April 23, 2011

This Weeks Shopping Trip

The cost for these groceries (plus a package of chinet napkins I forgot to put in the picture) is $38.41. I paid $7. 46.

I'm really liking this game and I learned a new move today. The rain check. Homeland was out of more than half of what was on my list. Since this homeland is about 45 minutes from me, I needed this trip to be worth while. I got rain checks for 8 items. The neat thing is I'll be able to use them the next time I go even if that item is not on sale so my trip wasn't wasted. The not so neat thing is that they have to write them by hand and it took over 10 minutes for me to check out. Now, to my credit, when the couple got in line behind me I TOLD them it was going to take me a really long time. There were plenty of other places to check out but I guess they didn't belive me. They were definitly not pleased to have to take all their stuff off the belt and move to a different stand. I said I was sorry but I got pretty nasty looks. I TOLD them though.
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