Monday, April 11, 2011

Musical Coops

The big birds stink.  Big birds eat big and have big waste.  For that reason they had to go!  So we built them a luxery outdoor coop.

It has a lid.  It just wasn't on in the pictures.  Now they can eat bugs and grass instead of bleeding us dry with the chicken starter.  It should take them a little longer to reach butcher weight but it'll be worth it.

We cleaned out their stinky pen.  Nothing "organic" goes to waste around here (pun intended).  We put the litter between the rows of the garden to keep weeds down.

It will decompose there and when the garden is turned next year it will add good fertilzer!

Then we put fresh litter down and put the new Marans in the big brooder.
They don't like it!  I thought they would love the room to run and romp.  I guess living in a rubbermaid container for the first week of your life changes you somehow.  Hopefully they will get used the wide open space and start acting "chicky".

We couldn't forget the leghorns and the dominiques.  We gave them a roost!
They love it!  We should be moving them outside soon too.  Just need the time and materials to make them luxery accomidations too.

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