Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Meet Clark

It seems that I'm not going to be able to get any more pictures of Clark up soon so I'll just tell you about him. We drove to Pittsburg last Friday to pick him up. OH! That's Pittsburg, Oklahoma! It was a beautiful drive to the foot hills of the Kiamichi Mountians. We got to our destination and met Anna the breeder. She was very informative and showed us Clark's daddy. He was BIG. She also showed us Clarks elder brothers. I'm SO glad we decided to get Clark because his older brother was HUGE and we never would have been able to load him. It was quite a feat catching him in the pen with 4 other piggies. They did NOT want to get caught. It took Jon and Anne 30 min. To catch one and at that point we were not going to be picky. Actually Anna caught the exact pig I wanted. Clark has an ear that curls backwards and it's very endearing. We got loaded up and started down the road. That's when Jon got the call to go to Atoka for 3 weeks. It was a crazy drive home with phone calls, making plans, cancelling plans, etc. When we got home the chicken tractor was upside down again. AAAAHH! And we already had so much to do and Jon was supposed to leave within the hour. I wrangled chickens and Jon worked on fortifying the pig pen.

It was a harried afternoon but we got Jon ready and introdused Clark to Lois and Lana. It was love at first sight and they were an instant family. Clark and Lois are cousins and they act a lot alike. Lana is still the laid back one of the bunch. Of course the whole fence drama started after Jon left and Clark has taken the lead over Lois as the instagator in escape plans. I'm still enjoying having them around and their distinct personalities even if they are the cause of so much worry and WORK!
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