Friday, April 29, 2011

I'm Back!!!

Ok.  I have a computer now.  I'll try and get back in the swing of things next week.  I haven't taken any pictures and have been just plain worn out anyway.  Some news.  I'm down to 18 cornish cross.  They keep wandering off.  I have one pile of feathers to prove they are being eaten by something, but only one.  Don't know what happened to the other 4.  We lost another leghorn too.  I actually found that body though  and I'm not sure why it died.  Pigs are staying in!!!!!  What a relief.  Smith and Wesson are both over their illnesses but are about to learn a "shocking" lesson on staying on our property.  The Marans chicks are growing like weeds and we'll probably introduce them to the great outdoors in a week or so.  BTW....6 girls and and 4 boys in the marans bunch.  I was going to offer an all expense paid luxury trip to Hawaii for the person who guessed their sexes the closest, but since I'm the only one who guessed I guess I win!!!  Nosey started laying eggs again and at first they were PINK.  Yes!  Pink!!!  To bad I lost the picture on the stupid computer that now will not even turn on.  Hmmm....guess that just about covers it...oh, and the exterminator is coming to take care of the carpenter ants/termites.

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